The global crisis then, the armies of the homeless and newly poor, the insecurity of the unemployed and the employers, are not some social and economic problems that are “out there” away from us. It is the reality that we have collectively created because of our greed. These are the results of our collective activity as humanity, our collective karma. The only way this will change, is our daily creative resistance: first in our minds, then at home, at work, in our neighborhood. I am not talking about setting fire to rubbish bins and wearing hoods. I am not talking about union politics on a political-party level. I’m talking about responsibility, consciousness, solidarity, the spirit of partnership and unity on the part of everyone. I’m talking about “dharmic” behavior on the part of everyone. Every moment. Every minute. Be responsible for our every breath, because it affects the entire universe! Can we? After all, this “crisis” that we are talking about, almost making a complaint against the god of capitalism (if there is such a devil who has vowed to us a promised land full of trees that  constantly bear euros instead of fruit…), this crisis, then, it is time to realize that in reality it is a deep moral crisis, a crisis of values and ideals of each one and all of us.